Get high-speed satellite internet wherever you live

Struggling to find internet that meets you where you're at?

Viasat Internet is perfect for customers who... in an urban area where there are no cable or fiber internet option available. in a remote or rural location that doesn't have access to other types of internet.

...want to bundle internet and home phone service together at a price that won't break the bank.

Viasat internet plans & pricing

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Download Speed up to 12 Mbps
Good for:

Email and web browsing on up to 2 small screen devices.

Includes:Unlimited Data
Download Speed up to 25-50 Mbps
Good for:

Email, web browsing and occasional streaming on up to 3-4 small, medium, or large screen devices.

Includes:Unlimited Data
Download Speed up to 100+ Mbps
Good for:

Email, web browsing and occasional streaming on 4+ small, medium, or large screen devices.

Includes:Unlimited Data

On the Unlimited Bronze 12, Silver 25, Gold 50, and Platinum 100 service plans, after 40, 60, 100, or 150 GB of data usage, respectively, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion. Learn more about video streaming quality here.


What is satellite internet?

Satellite Internet is simply Internet service provided to customers through satellites in Earth's orbit, rather than through physical ground cables. Viasat owns and operates several geostationary satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites beam high-speed and reliable Internet access to consumers, business, and government agencies across the country. 

When you need a primary Internet service provider but you can't get services from the other guys, or if you run a business and need a reliable Internet redundancy plan for your company, check out Viasat.

What comes with my Viasat Internet service plan?

When you sign up for a Viasat Internet service plan, you can get several great benefits. You can sign up for Viasat Internet without needing to commit to any long term contracts.1 This gives you the freedom to use Viasat as you wish for as long as you want. Most Viasat Internet plans now included a state-of-the-art modem with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Can I bundle other Viasat services with Internet?

Absolutely! You can always bundle Viasat Voice with Viasat Internet. This VoIP service provides you with unlimited nationwide calling plus calls to Canada for a great price. And, new customers get $10 off per month for their first three months when they bundle Viasat Internet and Voice. Since Voice is a digital phone solution, it requires a Viasat Internet connection.

What is Viasat EasyCare?

The Viasat EasyCare package provides customers with that extra layer of protection in cases of technical or service hardship. Normal service calls cost around $95 per visit, but with EasyCare customers pay nothing for service calls that Viasat determines are necessary. These customers also get priority support and an annual dish relocation (a $200 value) with an annual dish relocation at a discounted price of $95. EasyCare costs just $9.99 per month.*

What is the Viasat Browser?

Satellite Internet requires a little optimization to take into account broadcast times between terrestrial equipment and satellites. The Viasat Browser is built on the core code of Chrome, called Chromium, but tweaked to browse faster on Viasat Internet connections. If you are using Viasat Internet, we highly recommend the Viasat browser, available for free.