Viasat Broadband Internet for business

Up to 35 Mbps and 1 GB of priority data*



.00 per month

*If your business uses more data than expected, a per GB usage fee applies automatically for all data used in excess of the monthly priority data allowance. If this elevated usage becomes consistent, you may upgrade your plan to better accommodate your business needs.

Make Viasat Your Business Internet Provider

Persistent IP Addresses.1
Affordable Equipment Leasing.
Fast and Professional Installation.
Priority Connection.2

Unlimited broadband

Unlimited Broadband plans are perfect for businesses that use a lot of data. If you plan to use Viasat Internet as a primary Internet service to support critical business operations, you'll need an Unlimited plan with Internet speeds ranging from 35Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Unlimited 35
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Unlimited 60
Up to 60 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Unlimited 100
Up to 100 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up

Metered broadband

Metered plans are for businesses that don't have high-volume data needs. Use metered plans to support mission-critical technologies that need Internet connection even when cable Internet fails. Purchase additional data as needed.**

1GB priority data
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Additional usage$10/GB
10GB priority data
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Additional usage$10/GB
20GB priority data
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Additional usage$6/GB
50GB priority data
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Additional usage $3/GB
200GB priority data
Up to 35 Mbps Down × 4 Mbps Up
Additional usage$2/GB

How does Viasat support your business?

10x faster than DSL connections

Rural areas that use DSL struggle supporting business that rely on data. If your business utilized online resources or other networked technology to run day-to-day, then Viasat Business Internet provides broadband speeds--up to 100 Mbps in some areas.

Persistent IP addresses

Running a website or hosting VPN connections requires stable IP addresses to coordinate between software and remote employees. With Viasat Business Internet, you get up to three persistent addresses to host connections.

Nationwide coverage

Viasat enables POS systems, cloud backups, and SD-WANS with regular, high-speed internet. If your business doesn't get normal Internet coverage, or you need a backup redundancy Internet service, then Viasat is your provider. 

Fast and professional installation

Viasat Business Internet typically only takes 3-5 days to install from the time of ordering. You don't have to wait, and neither do your customers. 

Extras & Add-ons

Business Voice

Cloud-Based business Voice service
  • Scales with your business.
  • Unlimited Calling throughout the United States and to Canada and Mexico.
  • Connect your business phone and mobile phone with the Viasat mobile app.
Just $25/month

Business Hotspots

Offer your customers Wi-Fi connections
  • Perfect for retailers or food and service businesses.
  • Support employee and customer log-in.
  • Filter questionable content and generate reports on usage.
Starting at $40/month

Secure Network Accelerator

Support multi-site businesses

If your business uses VPN or SD-WAN technology on a regular basis, you need dedicated priority Internet to maintain your connection speeds. Call us now for a consultation on how Secure Network Accelerator can provide a maximum capacity connection.

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